Keep it open…

You know what’s the good of being the only child in the family? You learnt to do all of the things by yourself.

You know what’s the bad thing of being the only child in the family? You got used to do all of the things by yourself.

I can say that it’s a lonely place at first. Especially when you looked around and all you can see was a totally different world that you lived in. You didn’t share things. You kept them to yourself just because you never had someone to talk to. Gradually it changed from a lonely place to an acceptable situation where you realized that no one else would sit there with you.

You decided to accept it. You decided to embrace it to your heart content. In other words, you decided to be okay of being alone.

That’s the thing. You were okay with it. You are okay with it. The perception of it being good or bad would just be above you, out of reach. You didn’t even trying to think about it just because you didn’t know whether you wanted to change it. You’re afraid of the changes that might appear. You were so deep into this world that you didn’t even bother to look around.

But, life happens. In so many forms and ways, it happens.

You’re scared of it. You had no idea how it’s going to turn out. There’s a small part of you that wanted to open the door, but you just couldn’t be sure.

Opening up was not easy for you. It took time. Even when it looked like you have opened the door, deep down you still hold the key just in case you needed to go back to where it’s used to be. And when that happened, you shut down. You didn’t share to other people. You’re trying to fix all the problems by yourself. Why? Cause it’s the only method that you knew. It was your life before all of these.

But it’s there. Life’s there. They’re there. They kept waiting.

Should you fight it or should you give it a chance?

What if… it could help you to be a better person?

What if… some people were actually care about you and don’t want to see you suffer alone?

What if… all you need to do is talk with them?

What if… you don’t need to be alone anymore?

Maybe you need to keep the door open and throw the key away.

Maybe you need to learn,

Maybe I need to learn.




*featured image taken from here.


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