So… good things happened. 

Four months. Yeah, it’s been a busy four months for sure. But hey, it’s been an entertaining one as well.

Work have kept occupied almost everyday. I was so tired that I just went straight to sleep once I got home almost every time. Plus, there were also some projects that need to be taken care of with an extra attention. So yeah, totally didn’t have the chance to write something.

But, now I’m on a break and literally on my way to Jogjakarta for a holiday! And I’m on a train now! Freakin excited!! Gonna share all the stuff in Jogja later on, yes?

So whats up with my life these few months back?

Well, I got engaged!! (Another list checked!) Hahaha. Been planning this since last year but finally got the chance to pop up the question in January. Yeah, I did the whole surprise-romantic-thingy-proposal. Totally worth it, though. XD She said yes (thank God), and now the journey on some stressfull but exciting preparation for the wedding has started.

Though, it still feels weird every day. I mean I did think about it before a few time, but to be really in this kind of situation is still unreal to me. Hahaha.. well, anyway, wish us luck!

Another list has also been checked. I took a quick time-off last April to go to Singapore…… FOR COLDPLAY CONCERT!!

My God, that was the best concert I’ve ever watched! The lighting and the ambience was so crazy and really mesmerizing. I was totally blown away. I cried, especially whey they sang Fix You. It was overwhelming Hahaha. It’s like a dream come true and I just couldn’t hold myself together XD

Yeah, that’s pretty much sums up what happened in the last four months.

So, off to my holiday! Gonna really enjoy this one to the very end for sure!




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