Erwindo in a few (many) words..

Hi ! *high five*

So… err… The name’s Erwindo Pratomo, but please call me Erwin.

So what to say about myself? Actually, telling other people about me is just not my forte. So please forgive me if it’s kinda cheesy yea. I’m warning you!

Indonesian (a proud one). Almost in his 30th. Adore dogs. Looking for every way possible to travel around the world. A coffee addict. A brilliant, brilliant eater. Eager to take any kind of pics around him. Can’t live a day without music. Oh and a dedicated fans of AS Roma Football Club.

Yes… I think all those above are good enough as the base of knowing me? Haha…

Well, this blog is just another channel for me to write things that I normally couldn’t say out loud. A part of me that maybe not everyone ever seen before. And also a way for me to share some of my interests in anything… music, food, new places, travel information, etc. You name it.

So… enjoy!

I can be reached through my email at Feel free to email me anytime. I would love to talk and meet new people!

Oh, almost forgot, in case you’re wondering why this blog called “Lamp in The Park”, you can read about it here.

This might not be the best blog you’ve ever read, but this is me. 😀

See you when I see you.

*photo by Erik

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