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Short stories from my head.. :)

He and She…

She reached out her phone and scrolled down the contact list until she found one particular name.

She press the call button and wait for a few seconds before a voice answered her from the other end.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey you..”

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Take Care…

“So… you take care.”

“Yeah. You too.” replied the other person on the line.

Martha hung up the phone and looked to the girl next to her. “Just talked with him. I told him that I need some time alone. You know, to figure out some stuff.”

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That Grey Corner..

He kept staring at the grey wall in the corner of Boulangerie Chaud, a french bakery located in St. Bernard street–a unique area with lots of cafe and vintage shop, used to be his favorite place with Jessy. Everything is still the same. One year? Two year? He forgot how long it’s been since that day. It’s supposed to be his favorite corner, but somehow life found a way to make it into the most sorrowful corner in one man’s life.

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