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I survived…

Just a couple more hours to the end of this year. The end of 2016. The year which we were all hoping to be a good one when it was exactly a year ago.

So.. was it a good one?

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Alone.. Why not?

“So why don’t you go alone?” | “Really? Why did you go alone??”

That’s the common questions people usually ask me before and after I decided to do something alone like watching a movie alone, eating alone, or even traveling alone. I always answer with, “Alright!” for the first question, and answer with, “Why not?” for the later.

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The story of Zach Sobiech…

Death is just another thing on the agenda.. kinda. Yeah, it’s scary. But the only reason it’s scary because you don’t know what’s next or if there is a next. So it’s kinda like sitting in a dark. So you can choose to be freaking out in the dark and thinking… ok what’s out there, or you can just relax and fall asleep–and just be happy and content with everything.

– Zach Sobiech

I just want to share this.. not only because the great story within, but also as a reminder for us all to start living. As the director said in the video, “This stuff is not happening because you’re dying, it’s really because of the way you living.”

May you rest in peace, Zach Sobiech. : )


How does it feel? | Complicated.

Things were so much simple back then. Don’t you agree?

“Back then? How long is back then?” you might asked. I honestly don’t have any good answers for that. Everyone has a different life and past, I figured out that much, alright. So, to your question, I’d say… at that very moment when you’re so happy and you have not been disappointed by expectations, and maybe also at that time when people were just using only simple words to answer a simple question. Maybe.

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Something’s fishy..

I was just wondering.. how do you forget those lies?

Like, when someone lied to you, you eventually will forgive them through times. But then, do you really forget that they, once or maybe more, capable to lie to you? Those moments when you felt that you are not worthy enough for the truth. Especially when you’ve already known the truth for some time.

It comes back. The uneasiness comes back. Every single time they tell you something. You just feel that something is fishy.

That doesn’t feel good at all.

Just don’t lie. Aight? 🙂