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Warung Mami, seafood gem in Jimbaran – Bali

Eating seafood in Jimbaran is like a trip ritual every single time I go to Bali. Though they only serve grilled seafood, the sauces and the seasonings ala Bali are to die for. Especially the mussels. The red sauce… oh man.

But since last year, I rarely go to the famous Jimbaran beach to have my seafood (except when I go with a group of people that want seafood by the beach, then I have no choice la.. hahaha..), I prefer to have my seafood in one particular small restaurant (or Warung). You might have passed the place before and didn’t notice it or overlooked the place, but this kind of places always gives you the best satisfaction. On my last visit to Bali, I decided to visit it again.

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