Things I (need to) do before I die..

Saw my friend posted something like this, and thought it’s a good one to be posted. hehe..

You may heard “100 things to do before I die”. Well, this is my top 50. (Possible to be updated to top 100)


1. Go bungee jumping.

2. Traveling alone for at least two weeks.

3. Holiday in Maldives! Gosh I really wanna go there..

4. Watch Coldplay performs live.

5. Staying in a small city abroad for one month. Like, small city in England or French would be great.

6. Sleeping under the stars.

7. Write a book or novel.

8. Getting my first tattoo.

9. Going for a safari trip in Africa.

10. Going for a holiday to Newcastle City. Fell in love with the city somehow.

11. Cook a really complicated dish. Must taste good too.

12. Buying my own car with my own money, prefer a SUV and A/T please, I live in Jakarta.

13. Yelling my heart out in a rooftop at a very very tall building.

14. Talk to a stranger in a bar and took picture together. √ – even at a sushi bar. How random is that. 

15. Win a quiz, lottery, or something.

16. Party abroad, got drunk, and still remember everything in the next morning. (I know it’s weird)

17. Drive super fast in an empty road. 

18. Visit all the beautiful beaches around Indonesia.

19. Own a house by the beach. For retirement, maybe?

20. Build a super cool club by the beach with good music and cheap drinks.

21. Go to Roma, Italy, and watch AS Roma playing at Olimpico.

22. Getting lost in some city in Europe.

23. Meet with Francesco Totti and took a pic with him.

24. Learn how to cook local food in some random city outside of Jakarta or Indonesia.

25. Learn how to ride a vespa or a bike. It’s a bit different, right? Haha..

26. Learn how to taste wine and know which one is good.

27. Traveling around for at least two months, alone, backpacking.

28. Go for a super luxury holiday, at least once!

29. Adopt a kid.

30. Pay for his/her education fee.

31. Win a photo contest.

32. Found a really good book in small bookshop in a small city in a random country, except Indonesia.

33. Adopt a dog.

34. Go to Alaska.

35. Eating Sushi in Jiro’s Sushi Restaurant in Japan.

36. Swim with a whale shark.

37. Get to know someone from another country and be friend with him/her.

38. Go to see the Northern lights in Norway.

39. Befriend a butcher.

40. Live in Bali.

41. Shoot something in the wild.. with a bow and arrow.

42. Go to the Antarctica and see penguins in their real habitat.

43. Treat some strangers for food.

44. Watch the first power ranger movie again after I had kids.

45. Enjoy the food from one of the TLC chef(s).

46. Have kids.

47. Going for a morning run. 

48. Meet the love of my life.

49. Propose to her in a super romantic way. 🙂

50. Get married!


One thought on “Things I (need to) do before I die..”

  1. Hi! I just randomly found your blog through searching ‘quiet place in bandung’ on google and I am so glad! Salam kenal hehe. Blog kamu langsung saya bookmark dan masuk ke folder coffee shop saya:)

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